Tuchel holds the head of Barcelona

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Tuchel holds the head of Barcelona, ​​aiming to buy and shine another Chelsea centre-back deal.

Barcelona have link with a move for Cesar Azpilicueta. defender Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League Football join another army in Transfer market This summer.

Barca open another battle with Chelsea in the market. After they slashed the face of Leeds United’s Rafinha before they were close to confirming the signing of Jules Kunde. from Sevilla, another in the near future. Where both of these players are the top targets for the navy blue lions. And it’s Thomas Tuchel team. That has link with an attempt to make an offer before Azul Grana.

Reiss Christensen has turned down a contract extension with Chelsea. Becoming a free agent follow by penning his free agent debut at Camp Nou.

The latest report from UFABET has confirm Barcelona’s interest in Cesar Azpiliotta. Another Blues defender 32, also said: “Barcelona have reaffirm their interest in Azpicueta and would like to negotiate with Chelsea over the deal.

” There is no agreement on any terms from either side, but Tuchel has shown that he wants to keep Azpi while Barca are ready to move forward with the deal after they are close. Grab Kunde fully,” Romano tweeted the latest progress report.

While Tuchel gave an interview about the future of Azpicueta earlier that “I admit I was a bit nervous. It’s a difficult question because I’m not sure if I can give Azpi what he wants.

It all had to do with just what he wanted. I just compared him to our efforts to get Koulibaly, who is a national team player of a similar age. He is an important player for Napoli. But we have a Spanish player who is the captain of Chelsea. I can see him playing at that level. But maybe at Barcelona it is not. So I thought I wasn’t sure if I could give him what he wanted.”

“We are not taking other clubs as a major issue at this time. We concentrate on ourselves and what we need. I can tell him and I can tell you that I understand the needs of the players and the level of the career path. But I’m not in a position to give what he wants. I am a Chelsea manager who only wants to do the best for the team

. It was difficult for him because of the strong interest from other teams. But on September 1st (Trading Deadline), when the winds have calmed, he will be able to play at the same level as he was able to once again.”