Saha slams ‘Anthony’ for playing for himself

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Louis Saha, former Manchester United striker, criticized Anthony for being too predictable and not playing for the team at all. The “

Red Devils” signed Anthony for a fee of 86. £m from Ajax Amsterdam in the summer of 2022 and, despite an impressive start to the campaign, the 23-year-old has struggled to make the impact he expected. Anthony has scored just eight goals

and 3 assists from 56 appearances and there are rumors that he is in danger of being released from the team when Sir Jim Ratcliffe takes over some of them. When asked if

Anthony Whether he has a long-term future at Manchester United or not, Zaha told Betfred : “I don’t know, but he’s struggling in the Premier League.” ยูฟ่าเบท

“He scored some goals at first, but now defenders are starting to find their way. It’s not fun to watch him because he’s so predictable. And as a striker, when wingers like to cut in like this It’s difficult to coordinate. “

You need crosses that create pressure between the defender and the goalkeeper. But that’s not what Anthony offers.”

“Manchester United now have strikers looking for those types of crosses, but Anthony can’t offer that kind of option. He has to do the right thing for the team. Whether he likes it or not,

I, like every other football fan, have to put up with Anthony, but now he has to bring variety to the game. and get out of your own comfort zone Because what he is currently doing will not work for this team at all.”