Keown believes it’s time for Pochettino to use tough words. 

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Football on UFABET Sports analyst Martin Keown believes it’s time for Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino to use tough words or a tough stick. Teach your subordinates a lesson after the embarrassing 0-5 defeat against Arsenal yesterday.

The Blues are a collection of players forcibly acquired by club owner Todd Boehly, who took over the buying and selling reins himself before the appointment of an official sporting director. 

Therefore, many cases arise from liking the profile Promotion ufabet. But I didn’t study deeply into my personality. Or in some cases the price is too high. 

Then when I came to work with ‘Poch’, I had to fine-tune everything. In the past, the Argentinian coach played the role of a good boss, always protecting him if any mistakes occurred. 

But in the case of the performance at Emirates Stadium, Keown thought that his time was up. But I had to close the room and scold harshly. 

“The balance in personnel selection is wrong. They measure fortunes, buy players for billions of pounds. And some signings are not worth it,” said the former Arsenal defender, the 2004 undefeated league champions. 

“Incredible. It must be harshly cursed. And it has to come out of their head coach’s mouth as well.” 

“Like Pochettino’s latest interview, he tried to blame himself. Not blaming the players I quite understand his intentions. But the message that we want to communicate is that the players started the game badly in both halves, it needs to be emphasized.” 

“The set-piece defense is also weak. Most of the problems in this game were caused by the players.” 

The average age of Chelsea’s players was below 24 years old in yesterday’s game, the seventh in the English Premier League in one season. Second most often of all time after Leeds United, season 1999-2000 (10 times)