Gerrard appoints McGinn as new Aston Villa captain “Mink” done

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Gerrard appoints McGinn as new Aston Villa captain “Mink” done.

Tyrone Mink has become former Aston Villa captain. After Steven Gerrard has announced the appointment of midfielder Jon McGinn as the club’s new captain next season.

The England defender has been the captain’s armband since Dean Smith’s era after Jack Grealish left the team. Before the team changed to Steven Gerrard to take over the team instead. And there is talk of the new captain. which Gerrard Confirm that he will decide during this pre-season. And finally, it was officially announced that he chose McGinn as the captain of the team.

“It was normal for me to talk to Tyrone about the reasons for my decision. I believe that the absence of the obligation of captaincy will allow him to focus more on the game. which is good for him And of course for our team.”

“As for John, I think he is ready to take on this responsibility through work. And he has a good attitude including working on the pitch. A favorite of his team-mates in the dressing room. He is highly recognized for his performance,” said Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard has also appointed vice-captain, Emiliano Martinez, goalkeeper of the team.

Aston Villa midfielder John McGinn has joke. That he would be playing in the Scottish lower leagues without a plump butt.

The Scottish footballer has spoken about the benefits of his butt and, most recently. McGinn has revealed that he admired his precious possessions with boss Stephen Gerard