Gallagher is upset when saw that young fans.

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Conor Gallagher, Chelsea midfielder, admits he couldn’t express his feelings when he saw the message board that young fans held up at the Emirates Stadium during the 5-0 defeat to Arsenal yesterday. This promises to find a way to create a memorable experience for the next generation of supporters instead of the dark period of decline.

During the match, there was a picture captured of the message board of a Chelsea young fans, no more than 10 years old, which conveyed their frustration. On behalf of all disciples.

“I don’t want your jersey! I want you to want to fight for us: Come on, Chelsea.” Of course, it went viral during the interview until Gallagher was nearly in tears.

“We try to bring enthusiasm into the game,” said a spokesperson from ‘UFABET’.

“I know how much this sign has affected all of us. This is a very young force. Still lacking experience in the English Premier League.”

“The team’s performance has gone up and down many times. We are developing as a team to move to the next level. Like last night’s performance, ยูฟ่าเบท it was one of those games that wasn’t even close.”

“I will go back and do my homework to improve my work. To be able to do it better Including being able to move forward.”  

Chelsea have played 32 games and have 47 points , still able to compete for a place in European football because they are only three points behind Newcastle in 6th place.