FA charges ‘Arteta’ with humiliation in loss to New Zealand

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Arsenal manager Miguel Arteta has not escaped being charged by the English Football Association (FA) for making inappropriate comments attacking referees. After losing 1-0 to Newcastle United earlier this month,

Arsenal suffered their first defeat of the season due to questionable VAR decisions. Anthony Gordon’s goal passed the test. On all three levels,

Stuart Attwell’s goal was scored by Stuart Attwell, while the VAR room, led by Andy Medley, took time to consider the timing of the ball going out and Shoelinton being considered a foul because Gabriel Magalhaes’ push-back and Gordon’s offside position

delighted the Spaniard. slammed the referee team after the game saying Doing the most shameful thing It was a shameful decision. And he was ashamed to be a part of what happened.

“The referee gave Newcastle a goal today. It is a serious embarrassment,” said the Spanish head coach. Opening up after the match,

“We said the Premier League is the best league in the world. I’ve been in this country for 20 years, but now I feel ashamed.” ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

“The stakes of this game are too high for the referee to make such a shameful decision. The results are nowhere near the standard that this league needs to have. “

We strive to maintain the highest standards every week. And when we’re not good enough I will show up to take responsibility. But today the person who wasn’t good enough was the referee. “

I’m ashamed to be a part of what happened. I admire the players in the dressing room. For how to play with this rival team Within this field”

“The results of the competition should not be like this. We don’t deserve to lose. And it is clear that this is because of a disgraceful decision.”

Most recently, the FA has brought charges against Arteta’s behavior, considering it to be disrespectful to officials. and bring disrepute to the game He has until next Tuesday (November 21) to answer the charges.